Cannot connect to OpenIMU330BI EVK

@say Hi Say,Now you have flashed the right image, the unit output the z1 package via uart interface. please use chrome browser, download the "IMU Server Ready-to-Use (Windows)" and try again. 2019-11-22_16h55_31.jpg 2019-11-22_16h53_10.jpg


Hi Li-YiFan,

I downloaded the IMU Server Ready-To-Use (Windows) using the Chrome browser and installed it as shown above. I still cannot connect to the IMU using ANS. After opening ANS, when I run Server_win32_1.1.1, a DOS console window opens briefly as shown here:


It gives the message as shown: "Cannot configure port, something went wrong. Original message: .."

How should I correct this problem?

First, pls save(backup) whole EEPROM bin file, and send to us. we need to check deeply.
follow the steps in topic_5, address 0x08000000, size 0x30000.

Second, pls use the testing server.exe try again, if still not, pls send to us the Server_log file which in same file with server.exe
thanks a lot.

@say Hi say, if the IMU Server Ready-To-Use (Windows) could connected with the OpenIMU330BI successfully, there will be the log 2019-11-23_09h29_02.jpg . The log picture you upload is Blurred, please send us a new one. BTW, could you send us a photo how you connected OpenIMU330BI with your computer. And if you could change a PC or USB port and test again?


Hello cek,

I downloaded the EEPROM bin file and ran the server file you sent me with the log. I cannot attach them here. How do I send these files to you?


Hi Li-YiFan,

Here is a screenshot of the Visual Studio Code terminal window after running It has the same output as Server_win32_1.1.1. The DOS command window disappears very quickly after running Server_win32_1.1.1, so the picture is blurry.



Here is a screenshot of the server log file:


send to us your saved EEPROM bin file and Server_log, by email to me
upload under the forum topic in below steps:

How about changing a computer and test?

I create one testing program for you, and we will fix the bug in next official release.


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