MCR1101-50-5 current sensor

We have started using MCR1101-50-5 in AC drive (3-Ph Inverter section) for current measurement and over current protection purpose.
In our present design we do not use Pin-9 (FAULTB) & Pin-16 (VOC).

Que-1) Can we leave these two Pin-9,16 NC (OPEN) ?
Que-2) If we can not, than suggest configuration for Pin-9,16 in our case.
Que-3) In case we do not use these two Pin-9,16. Is time response of Pin-12 (Vout) with actual current changed ?

Since you are not using Overcurrent protection functionality nor the fault flag, you can leave the FaultB and VOC pin OPEN.

The output step response of the device on Vout is 300nS

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