Magnetic alignment process does not terminate

I've tried to run the magnetic alignment process. With autoend, it never finishes. Without autoend, the stop command does not make it stop.

I flashed the VG-AHRS app v1.1.3

One peculiarity is that the IMU is mounted sideways. Could that be the problem ? Is it an issue in general with the OpenIMU ?

Hi Sylvain Joyeux,
I checked the OpenIMU330ZI with firmware version VG_AHRS 1.1.3, it work normally on mag align process from my side as below, please reset IMU and test. Note: please do keep connection with PC during the mag align process or it will be never finish in case of disconnected.



Ah. I assumed the calibration was happening on the IMU. I'm not using the Aceinna python driver, the IMU is embedded in a low-power board inside the system, and using the python stuff is just too cumbersome.

I was basically sending the MA commands through my C++ driver. Is there any way to perform the calibration "offline" ? I.e. logging the data and then doing the calibration ?

To be clearer: I send through serial 'm', 'a', 0x1 (packet prelude and checksum omitted)

Then, repeatedly I send 'm', 'a', 0x0 which replies with a status of 0x1 (which I expect). It never goes to zero.

@Sylvain-Joyeux you should use VG_AHRS application and try again. the IMU application does not support Mag calibration with python driver.

As I stated in my first message, I have already run the calibration with the VG-AHRS app.

Also, I'm not using the python driver. I'm accessing the raw serial interface.

Now, having looked at the EKF code, the IMU's current firmware does not support having X/Y axes not on the horizontal plane (no correction is done on the Z axis), which won't work for me since it is mounted sideways (that is, with Y up and Z sideways).

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