Compass Heading


I'm using my OpenIMU300 as a compass using the app downloaded from the developer space. The data that I get from the IMU gives me correct Roll and Pitch, but gives heading as NaN. What could be the issue here?

Thanks in advance!


Just to confirm, you are using the Compass project as it came from the OpenIMU platform, you haven't modified anything yet? Also, which output message are you using? c1?


This is correct, yes. I connected to the Aceinna server using the Python driver. On the web developer space I downloaded the Compass project. I'm using C1 indeed. The Leveler project (using L1 packages then) works perfectly.

Hi Joris,

I am still looking into your issue but do not have a resolution for you yet. Can you tell me what the magnetic-field values are that your unit reports? If you zoom into the signal and move your part does the signal change at all (even in the 3rd or 4th decimal place) or is it unchanging? This information will go a long way in helping us troubleshoot your issue.

I will get back to you as soon as we have a resolution to your problem.



Can you send me your contact information? My email is jmotyka [at]

We have a fix for one magnetometer issue (scaling). If you are having this issue then the fix may help but it requires you to load new library files onto your unit. Please let me know if your magnetometer data changes but only slightly (zoom into the signal trace and move the unit around; it should change as you move the part).

If the signal does not change at all then there may be another issue that we need to address. If this is the case we will work with you to resolve this issue.


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