280ZA-209 Datasheet

I have a 280ZA-209 and since few time I can't find the datasheet anywhere, it is really problematic for me.
Ok this product is now "obsolete" but I still continue to use it.
Could you share this datasheet ?


Thank you @Li-YiFan but I should have been more precise. I am looking for the "programming manual" that explain how to configure registers.

@Florenc-Caminade the 280 user manual is same with 380, the link below for your reference.
https://navview.blob.core.windows.net/web-resources/7430-3810-02 DMU380ZA Series User Manual.pdf

It's exactly that, thanks !

You are welcome~

After reading deeper I am not sure that the 380ZA is the same as the 280ZA because there are some missing information / differences with the 280ZA : Accelerometer and gyro scales, registers adress... for example 0x70 was the adress of acceleration scale factor but for the 380ZA this adress is reserved (For chance I had saved some data in my code) .
Now I want to set up the "external System Clock" but I suppose the adress is different on my 280ZA. So for me this user manual is not the right, say me if I am wrong...

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