Hi everyone, I'm currently working on a project with the OPENIMU300ZI EVK and I'm facing some issues interfacing it with a GPS receiver. I've changed the default protocol which was UBLOX_BINARY to NMEA_TEXT. The GPS receiver I'm using is the A5100-A which works at a baudrate of 9600. I then changed the GPS baudrate to 9600 bauds/s. Those changes have been made in the code and I've checked in the platform if it was effective. I just don't see any position and when I connect the GPS receiver to a microcontroller I do see NMEA sentences. I could even decode one and see my current position with an error margin. I just don't know why the communication between the receiver and the IMU doesn't work.

Is there anyone who can help me ? or is there a specific receiver that can work with the IMU ? I just feel like I've used all my cards.

Thanks in advance to anyone who will have a clue on the problem.