Smooth GPS Breadcrumbs

My objective is to obtain smooth GPS breadcrumbs just like from a modern smartphone, which combines raw GPS signal, inertial sensors and Kalman filter algorithms. Can I achieve this with your hardware just by connecting a GPS receiver to the IMU? Or do I need to set up the filters from scratch to produce smooth lon lat output?

Aceinna HW parts such as OpenIMU300ZA, our online manual of OpenIMU mentioned:
The APP name, GPS/INS APP, stands for Inertial Navigation System, and it is indicative of the navigation reference functionality that APP provides by outputting inertially-aided navigation information (Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude), inertially-aided 3-axis velocity information, as well as heading, roll, and pitch measurements, in addition to digital IMU data
also you can find related IMU example in below link:

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