OpenIMU300za eval board serial issues

I am having an issue with the EVK to GPS serial port. I was testing the EVK for an extended amount of time and it suddenly stopped outputting GPS coordinates. I reconnected wires from the EVK to our receiver and it appeared to work fine for around 15 minutes after which the EVK stops outputting any new lat lon values (the receiver reports it is stationary even though it is moving). This remains until I shut the unit down and power it back up at which point it reports 0.0 for lat lon until it is powered down for an extended period of time.

I have swapped a second EVK into my system and it is working consistently so far. Are there any known issues with the EVK's serial port? I am using the TX_OUT RX_IN port located next to CDBUS on the FTDI chip.

Maybe you can provide more details (a log file), so we can analyze what happened.

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