MCR1101-50-5 current sensor overcurrent


I have a few questions regarding MCR1101-50-5, and it's overcurrent protection.

  1. Is the FAULTB state "remembered" after resetting the IC's supply?
    If so, would it be possible to clear the FAULTB signal this way?
  2. Is the VOUT pin still giving reading after the fault is detected ?
  3. Is it possible to run a wired-or network with multiple VOC pins connected to the same switch? This way resetting all sensors at once is possible.

I have multiple sensors running simultaneously, and would like to reset the state of them using as few wiring as possible.

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Hi @tivanis

  1. No fault_b won’t be reset after power cycle. The effective way to reset the pin state is to apply Vdd voltage to VOC pin, 5.0V in this case.
  2. Both VOUT and VREF still works properly even the over current event happened.
  3. Your propose to wired multiple VOC pins simultaneously is doable, the input end of VOC is actually a ADC which will set the over current threshold depending on the input voltage. So wired VOC net among multiple parts together and supplied by one voltage source is fine. The other thing might be useful for you is the falut_b pins can be also connected together because it’s open-drain output type in this way you can implement OR function for over current detection application
    Hope this helps,