SPI Connection not possible

Dear all,

Currently I'm trying to get an SPI connection to an OpenIMU300ZI. Unfortunetally it always fails switching to SPI-Mode. It still stays in the UART mode. I verified the signals right on the pins.

  1. Power on all components on my external board (supply for IMU depends on this board). Pin 7 connected by 10k to Vcc of bord
  2. nRST = 0
  3. Set up SPI-Connection of external board
  4. Delay 50 ms
  5. nRST = 1
  6. Delay 750 ms (t_Reset_delay)

But after this procedure I still have the serial communication on the SCK channel (of course with wrong level). Checking the signal by an oscilloscope shows that (as I would expect for the serial communication) with 0x55 0x55, followed by some other values (@ 115200 baud).

Now my Question is:
Are there older units which does not support the SPI in the default firmare? My unit is: P/N 8350-3885-02, barcode: 1908400355. I bought it arround two or three weeks ago on mouser.

I would appreciat your answer, best regards

So finally I can confirm it was a firmware issue.
Since I updated the SPI-Connection seems working .

For everyone who may have the same problem:
Read this Topic carefully:
If you wanna upgrade the FW by using a STLink (but no Serial-connection) make sure you hit the right start adress!

@JeromePerdrizat Hi,JeromePerdrizat ,thanks for update message, what kind of unit in your hand, only a OpenIMU300ZI module or a set of OpenIMU300ZI development Kit?

Dear Li YiFan

I only have the module, not the development kit.

Best regards

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