MCR1101-50-5 max pulse current


Datasheet says that absolute maximum current is +-100A.
Is it maximum also current pulses or is it continuous current. I can think several situations where high current spikes can occure, surge, statup-up.
And is device can handle pulse current, is there any information about it?


Hi, I think that depends on the pulse, duration and frequency. With many such sensors, it is a question of di to dt and the resistance of the primary conductor. Finally, simply a question of heat development within the housing. In such designs, an appropriate copper surface for cooling at the primary contacts is usually very important. Thermal vias are also very helpful in transferring the heat generated over several layers to the environment via the board. I think this can also be seen in the demo board design. How big and how long is the current pulse and how often? How many amperes should be measured permanently? The data sheet says for the 50A version 100A max. without footnote. So it could be assumed that it is continuous.

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