Can I modify the GNSS-RTK-INS App for CAN data custom?

Hi i just buy your product openRTK330LI.
It has been updated to the latest version of the GNSS-RTK-INS app.
According to the explanatory information, the app received wheel tick information, but there is no corresponding content in the manual.
Also, I want to set the CAN protocol, receive the data I want, and put wheel speed information into the INS as a reference.
I wonder why there is no GNSS-RTK-INS code in the example code.
If you can't disclose it for technical or security reasons, I'd like you to give me information so I can use the app.
If your product can be customized only for communication I/F, it is judged that your product will have a great competitiveness.
Thank you for making a good product.
I look forward to your quick reply.

@Minho-Lee the " wonder why there is no GNSS-RTK-INS code in the example code", the example code you refer is the Aceinna's open source "platform_aceinna_imu" github code?
We just released the CAN/wheel-tick derived speed support, the online document will be updated shortly, pls check back in few days


Hello, thank you for the quick reply.
As shown in the picture below, only RAWDATA and RTK examples exist in platform-aceinna_imu, but RTK-INS does not exist.
Thank you for your will be writing the Wheel_tick manual. But I don't use J1939 because of the complexity, so it would be nice if I could customize it.
Additionally, today RTK-INS app 2.0.0 was updated and tested, but the INS status is INVALID.
To solve this, I tried driving the vehicle in a circular shape and driving it in an 8 shape, but it was not resolved. It would be nice to give a detailed manual on how to initialize it.
Also, the GNSS state is not fixed. RTK_float 10 sample -> RTD 5 sample -> SPS 1 sample -> RTK_float 10 sample.
Any comments on this would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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