Re questions about "Can I modify ~"

Hello. It's been more than a month since I got your reply. The manual is still not updated. Also, I think the advantage of OpenRTK lies in being able to customize the interface, but the example is not updated on the platform you gave me. I bought it with high expectations for your product, but it is not working properly and I am in trouble. How can I do it?

@Minho-Lee Appreciate the interest, we just release the customizable FW on Github: Aceinna/openRTK330-lib, together with the platform on Github: platform_aceinna-imu, you will have a GNSS/ins library wrapped with open-source FW. The RTK_INS App on the platform is available in a day or two for you to import from the VS code. Then, you could modify the UART, CAN, SPI and Ethernet interfaces and debug with OpenRTK330LI module.

Please email to for later quick response. Thanks.

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