I'm a bit confused about all the firmware changes on the OpenIMU330BI. My EVK board shipped with firmware version 2.1.51, using the OpenIMU Monitor I was able to select packet type s1 and z1. That's probably just the standard IMU app present on https://developers.aceinna.com/code/apps. I'm however more interested in the Euler angles calculated by the algorithm, so I used the PlatformIO/Acennia project to implement the a2 packet type in the VG-AHRS app. When I connected the IMU to the Chrome Tool the firmware had changed to 1.1.4.

Is the difference from 1.1.4 to 2.1.51 significant? I have searched to OpenIMU Developer Manual for any firmware changelog, but haven't found anything. I'm guessing some libraries or algorithms changed/improved. Is there a way to have a custom code VG-AHRS, but use the firmware 2.1.51 as a base?