OpenIMU335RI connect to Navigation Studio


I have an OpenIMU335RI and can connect via RS232 using the Python driver.

Device: OpenIMU335RI 5020-3321-01 07.04 SN:2203600061

Firmware: OpenIMU335RI VG 07.04 01

I cannot connect using Navigation Studio.

WS Server is shown as connected, with the correct port 8000.

Am I missing something?

The steps just as you shown.
And Google Chrome required.

Thanks George. In the end is seems that restarting everything works. Maybe it is related to the order in which things are opened.


I have exactly the same problem, but running the python server is not working, maybe I loosing some hardware connections. I have connected the IMU module to the ST LINK v2. Do I need to connect the IMU via CAN/RS232?


I have exactly the same problem, but I already tried the server app and the green messages didn't show up. I have connected the IMU to my computer using the RS232 connector through a USB-RS232 converter, the computer detects the COM, but nothing happened on the server app.

I programed the IMU with the openIMU335IR/VG sample using the ACEINNA extension for visual studio code.

Is there anything else I must do to establish communication with the IMU and the navigation app?

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