I have question to the process Jacobian in PredictFunctions.c file.
There is #if #else preprocessing macro in _UpdateProcessJacobian() which selects code that updates ∂v∂q submatrix in your explanation here:
I don't understand why the #if branch is selected instead of #else branch, because according to the explanation the #else branch should be selected.
Where did

gKalmanFilter.R_BinN[0][0]*q0aXdT -                                      gKalmanFilter.R_BinN[0][1]*q0aYdT -                                                 gKalmanFilter.R_BinN[0][2]*q0aZdT);

come from? Why is not there only

q0aXdT - q3aYdT + q2aZdT


Thank you
Best regards