Help for recovering two OpenIMU300ZI

Dear Sirs,

We have three OpenIMU300ZI units.
One of them is working correctly with a custom firmware. Is a modified version of the original VG_AHRS source code with baudrate changed to 230400bps, and 200Hz sampling.

The other two units have gone out of service after the firmware update attempt. I don't have the backup binaries to program them with ST-LINK Utility, because I only read and save a bin file of 129kbytes (not all 512kbytes). I think that the firmware is corrupted.
I have tried other recovery tips that are explained in this forum, but any success.

The serial numbers of those two OpenIMU300ZI are:

  • 1908400376
  • 1908400260

Could you send us the binaries of those units to program and recover them.

Thank you and regards,


@Gilen-Tell Hi,I have tried to recovery the whole bin of the two units you showed, but didn't work. And I will try other ways to recovery them. when is ok, I will upload it here. By the way, if you aren't concerned about the performance of the unit you can upload the whole bin which backed up from the good one to the bad units and get them working.

Thank youy for your support. I will try your suggestion, but we need the units with calibration data.
We have contacted the distributor for Spain and they are also giving us support with this issue.

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