Hi Guys,

I need to get the original firmware as supplied with our sensors as the backup wasn't completed properly and after download disrupts from website, we have had to use different firmware downloaded from the forum.

We have the units communicating with the firmware (1908811027__1.0.2_a2-k5jfscxs.bin) and with just this firmwere the canbus will work but we need the later firmware uploaded so as we can change the CAN msges.

If we upgrade the units firmware from the developer website,(VG-AHRS) it will download and work on the developers website but as soon as we connect to canbus it faults the canbus system. Then if we reload that bin file we found (1908811027__1.0.2_a2-k5jfscxs.bin) and not change anything the canbus works fine but we cant change the code. Does anyone have an original firmware bin image close to these serial numbers while we are waiting for original bin files.

The 2 units are are
OpenIMU300RI-EVK Part # 8350-3311-01, Serial Number - 1903139137
OpenIMU300RI-EVK Part # 8350-3311-01, Serial Number - 1903139126