Hi, I'm running the OPENIMU300RI/VG_AHRS example project and trying to receive the sensors data via CAN, but I just receive an static value in the data fields.

First thing i've tried was insert some dummy data in the aceinna_j1939_send_acceleration() function as shown below:


And I've received the dummy data as expected in the CAN data fields. But when I put back the accel_data, I just receive the same value (0x007D) in the CAN data fields.

Then I've tried to track down where in the code the sensor values are read and stored. To check if the sensors readings are at least being made.
I know that the values are supposed to be stored in the gSensorsData struct. But I couldn't find where the sensors values are passed to the struct anywhere.

My theory is that I must define the function responsible for populate the gSensorsData, is that right? If so anyone could help me with that?