The direction of the IMU I am currently observing is as followsc0f20d73-a989-464f-bfbc-80d5a84b6a9b-551548b454ff0db5654c63007ba0c65.png
The z-axis is vertically upward, forming a left-handed coordinate system, and the rotation angle direction of the z-axis is opposite to the x and y axes. The rotation angle in the z-axis is positive clockwise and negative counterclockwise. But the general IMU is a right-hand coordinate system, and the rotation directions of the three coordinate axes are consistent, as shown in adis16488 in the following figure
And I want to import IMU data into Industrial Explorer and couple GNSS data for future processing. The software is internally defined as a right-hand coordinate system, and the required data is shown in the following figure
How to set OpenIMU300ZI as a right-hand coordinate system with consistent angular velocity directions across all axes