Adapting AHRS for long continuos turns

We are planning to use your OpenIMU for our next project, where we want to build a AHRS for gliders. In your description of the AHRS/VG Dynamic Attitude App you mention that the duty cycle of the turn should be less than 10%, otherwise it can get unstable. The problem with gliders is that they circle for a long time (10 minutes and more) in thermals. So most probably your algorithm is not suitable for this application. Do you have an algorithm for AHRS which also includes the GPS track to support the stability of the AHRS in turns? Can the turn switch threshold be used to overcome the 10% duty cycle mentioned in the documentation.

I think our default algorithm will work fine for this application. The errors in roll and pitch will should be pretty modest. This is a very easy case to simulate with our online simulator found on our developers website. I look forward to see the simulation results which can be shared directly on the forum.

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