Mag Sensor Specs?

Your Data sheets show different figures for the Mag sensor in the RI and ZA part.
RI suggests +/- 400,000nT and 30nT resolution (my guess perhaps 15/16bit ADC)
ZA suggests +/-800,000nT and 500nT resolution (My guess perhaps 12 bit ADC)



Is this correct (That the ZI has better resolution) - or does that represent 'old' hardware designs?

I'm interested in the raw performance of the Mag sensor - as I would like to make use of the mag data separately, in addition to the solution for attitude. (I will probably not use the Mag as part of the attitude computation)

Is it possible for you give me some kind of indication of Mag X/Y/Z zero offsets, and relative scale errors, (and maybe orthogonality of axes?).


Thank-you for pointing out this inconsistency in the two datasheets. Both products use the same 3D Magnetic sensor and same processor. I am checking with R&D to define what the specification should be. We will ECO datahsheet(s) to make them correct. I do know the underlying Mag Sensor chip is +/- 8 Gauss. Please send an email to Once I get it I can send you the datasheet for the 3D magnetic sensor we are using in the products.

Magnetometer specification are:
Range = +/- 8 Gauss
Resolution = 0.25 mGauss
I do not have an orthogonality specification. I suspect it is quite good. I do have a typical transverse sensitivity specification of +/- 2%.

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