IMU330 MCU Memory

The OpenIMU300 MCU has 1M ROM 192K RAM.
The OpenIMU330 MCU has 128K ROM, 64K RAM.

The example IMU300 projects include IMU, VG/AHRS, and INS, but the IMU330 projects only have IMU and VG. When I build the IMU300 INS, it shows 152K ROM and 87K RAM, so I guess that's why there's no IMU330 INS. Removing debug output only saves about 10K ROM.

(I don't know how much work is needed to replace FreeRTOS with the HAL library as done in the IMU330 IMU example, or how much memory that saves.)

I'm wondering why the IMU330 uses STM32L431CB, when there are compatible parts with more memory

I was hoping for an IMU330 application with full INS plus some custom additions.

Hi Jack,
Thanks for your information, yes, we have no INS app with OpenIMU330BI, if you plan to tailor project and remove RTOS to save memory, welcome.

Regarding to the question why the IMU330 uses STM32L431CB? @Andrey-Bondarev

@Jack-Morrison We'll try to optimize OpenIMU330 to rid of some features to see if there is possibility to squeeze in INS application. originally it was not designed for that.

I guess an issue will be the lack of a magnetometer - is there a way to disable that in the INS code? It seems to be buried in the sensor library for which I don't see any source.

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