OpenIMU300ZA IMU Data Bias

We collected a set of IMU data using the OpenIMU Monitor. As is shown below, the first 3 records are

9cd55ad0-81c2-4e80-b1a7-6cbb6b9357e7-image.png time(msec) xAccel(m/s^2) yAccel(m/s^2) zAccel(m/s^2) xRate(deg/s) yRate(deg/s) zRate(deg/s) xMag(Gauss) yMag(Gauss) zMag(Gauss)
3116788 0.10096409 0.05536849 -9.80539131 0.19742064 0.02953715 -0.0354982 -0.32531378 0.12728828 0.26502749
3116808 0.09744224 0.06384346 -9.78231049 0.24032533 0.01639544 0.04795817 -0.32519966 0.12718593 0.26505348
3116828 0.09465811 0.05449471 -9.80968094 0.23684706 0.09931394 0.08741789 -0.32484376 0.12721622 0.26501927

It is found that the average angular rate has a big bias, e.g., Gx=870Deg/Hour, while we expect the total value should be near 15 deg/hr.

My questions are: are the IMU data collected compensated? If not, do you have an option to output compensated IMU data? Can the IMU data be used to derive azimuth?

Thanks in advance for your answers. to derive azimuth? pls update to VG_AHRS app, pls follow topic_10 operations to update.

2.the Gx=870 Deg/Hour is accumulated by around 0.24deg/sec and 3600 secs, and 0.24 is the bias stability of the IMU, which is normal and could be compensated on customers control algorithm at first. why did you expect 15 deg/hr? it means 0.0042 deg/s.

3.inside the IMU we have eKF algorithm and had temperature calibrated in plant to met SPEC request. by the way, the bias also can be calibrated in customer integration process.

Yes, the Bias Instability is key para.

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