GPS device with openIMU330BI


I dealt with the platform online

I connected the IMU with PC then I saw the results from the platform online

you know there are two Apps which support the openIMU330 which are IMU app and VG app

I uploaded VG app because I need pitch roll yaw angles

then I connected external GPS with IMU

the open IMU receives TTL data from GPS (GPRMC DATA )

therefore I connected TX RX PPS of GPS with connector P2

My main problem there is no response on openRTK from the platform

I'm sure the GPS data is available

I think, the openIMU330IB needs to INS app but the visual studio doesn't support the INS app for this type from IMU. On the other hand, the acienna home at visual studio support INS app for openIMU300ZI.

SO do you think the openIMU330BI needs to INS app to activate the openRTK on the platform to deal with GPS/INS solution

could you help me

thank you


Which unit are you using, OpenIMU330BI or OpenRTK330? OpenIMU330BI does not have an INS app now.

i use openIMU330BI
so that means I can't connect GPS device with openIMU330BI without INS app to get GPS/INS solution???
the openRTK icon in this link is not activated
if true , what should I do ?

First, openRTK is a different hardware unit. You can contact sales (leave a message on to see if you can buy one.
Or, you can try OpenIMU300ZI which has an INS app.
the unit is built in board
just I need to data GPS from RTK
regarding the openIMU330BI , I need to an INS app , right ?
how can i get this software for openIMU330BI

@aws Hi Aws, the INS application on OpenIMU330BI is on development, the ready-made INS application is on OpenIMU300ZI. Could you switch to OpenIMU300ZI and get the INS solution?

Now , I can't but I will wait for any development on openIMU330BI software

지금은 나왔나요?

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