OpenIMU300RI EVK: cannot establish serial comunication

Hello everyone,
I have a brand new IMU 300RI Evaluation kit but I'm facing with some problems. As you suggest, I connected the IMU to my laptop with the ST-Link in order to save the .bin file, but I didn't menage to read data from the serial port through RS-232 yet.

I'm connecting pin 2, 3 and 5 of the RS-232 db9 connector to an FTDI232 in order to convert serial data to USB. The evk is powered with a 9V battery.

When I run the python server it is continuosly scannig the same COM port without establishing any connection.

I also tried to read data using NAV-VIEW 3, the bar on the bottom says that the IMU is connected without sending any packets, but atfer a while (~5 sec) the bar becomes red.

Am I doing something wrong? Thank you in advance.

@alessaprocopio Hi, as you mentioned, the 300RI could connected with NAV-View at first. please look through the pin connection, and make sure the pin connection is solid.

I am not sure which firmware version you are using, we have firmware version support Open mode, please try to connect with Nav-view and share us with the firmware version number. Note: The Openimu300RI is in quiet mode with default setting, you should configurate the output rate >0 Hz in Nav-view and then could get the data output.

@Li-YiFan Thank you for the quick response, I solved the problem. The issue was realated to the FTDI converter I was using, I tried with another one and it worked.
I uploaded the IMU app on the openIMU with the ST-Link and this is what I get from Nav-View:pic.PNG
I can also connect to the unit using the Python server and now I can see data from ANS.

@alessaprocopio You are welcome! Thanks for using OpenIMU.

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