OpenRTK330/OpenIMU EVK?

Thanks for clarifying.
Can a GPIO pin used to represent event mark? will there be a command to poll GNSS time when the specific pin goes high or low?

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Hi, I have a problem: Acceinna extension of vscode, cannot import the project when custom imu example, the error message is as follows: can i solve this problem?

@Ahmed-Mohamed OpenRTK330 currently do not support that. What specific application you are referrering to?

@Swingw We had similar warning message, but still succeeded in importing project, and the issue seems a PlatformIO issue.

@dw-gnss-aceinna yes, even if an error is reported when importing a project, a corresponding file is still generated, but I still get an error when I want to build the firmware.

Hi,I encountered a problem:Openrtk330 cannot display data on OpenRTK Monitor,Details:


Hi, Swingw:

Has your issue fixed?

Here my issue is similar to yours: After I upgraded the GNSS_RTK_SDK firmware, our OpenRTK330LI is not able to display both GPS and IMU data (actually, both Yellow and Green LEDs do not flash).

Thank you


I now want to use openrtk330Li to output IMU raw data binary format files. In IMU examples (OPENRTK330Li / RAWDATA) provided by vscode-Aceinna's OpenIMU Platforms, what code should I modify to achieve my needs?

@dw-gnss-aceinna said in OpenRTK330/OpenIMU EVK?:

@Ahmed-Mohamed OpenRTK330 currently do not support that. What specific application you are referrering to?

Hi, This is a highy wanted function for PPK and accurate position and time of event tagging of images when flying a drone.
RTK is no good on a drone for photogrammetry as you have no control over the FIXed solution and you also need a RTK link to the ground.
The most common way is using camera`s hot shoe to capture accurate time when the shutter signal is sent, thus link this to the INS unit which records an event within a millisecond via High or Low signal circut.
The raw gnss data fused with accurate imu and lever arm offset, post processed on the ground, is very much a wanted feature.

Is this possible in some way with openRTK330 ?

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