OpenRTK330 as Base Station

Is the OpenRTK330 unit capable of running as an RTK base station similar to the U-Blox M9?

Yes, OpenRTK330 can be used as a low-cost base station. There is some setup that is required.

Base station data transmitting via. USB/UART

UART/USB => ready to go

  • The customer need software (called ntrip server, for example, open-source rtklib str2svr) to read the data from UART/USB and send raw data to ntrip server/caster (for example, Aceinna Ntrip server)

  • Can set another OpenRTK330 access Mountpoint OpenRTK_BASE

Base Station 1.png

  • Broadcast RTCM coordinates (1005/1006) using software

Base Station 2.png

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