openIMU300RI Can't change CAN Buadrate

in the NAV-View Software the CAN Parameter settings are grayed out and i don't know how to change the CAN Baudrate.
Its this fixed in the 300RI or do i just have to change something?

I found a solution. But it is not as easy as changing a setting in a gui.
In the user config is a definition called ".ecuBaudRate= _ECU_250K" (Open an example repo e.g. VG_AHRS_J1939 in VSC).
Search for that and change it for example to _ECU_500K.
Then build and flash the firmware with the NAV View Tool.

@SeppW sorry for the late message. Yau are right, change the configuration, compile and reprogram 300RI will be fine. 2c25aace-7257-4c3c-b7b3-90e9f6995434-image.png

This also seems to have been updated in the new version of Nav View (3.5.11)

Where can I find Nav View 3.5.11?

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