I want to use my IMU383ZA-400 on ubuntu

I bought IMU383ZA-400.
I tested my imu with navview on windows10, but I want to use imu on ubuntu.

Are there any driver working on ubuntu or ros?


We are developing a driver for IMU38X series, it is written as python, I think it can run on ubuntu. It may release a preview version in this week.

@song-yi-wei I'll wait you! Thank you 🙂

We have a preview version of driver to connect IMU38x series.

Below is some steps to use the driver with developers site.

  1. Connect IMU with your PC/Laptop
  2. Start the driver with command python3 main.py. Wait until the driver find the device. It will output some connection information in console.
  3. Open the imu monitor page on developers site. https://developers.aceinna.com/devices/record-next. The page could render the packet data as line chart, and also can do some simple configuration.

About the driver, you could follow the README in repo https://github.com/Aceinna/python-openimu/tree/develop

@song-yi-wei I tried to use this on my Mac . I see the connection information on the python

as follows

Connected DMU

Device:IMU383ZA-400 5020-1398-01 2008800191

but on the IMUs monitor page at https://developers.aceinna.com/devices/record-next is DO NOT see connected device .

Can you help please .

@Sanjay-Adkar if there is connected information from python driver, it stands the device can be detected. Then could you try one of below actions?

  1. Refresh the page.
  2. Click the chain icon on the right top of the page, then click refresh button.

@song-yi-wei, unfortunately it it did not work . Attached screen shot of ws sever
Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 6.39.39 PM.png

@sanjay-A Also attached the message from main.py .Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 6.44.34 PM.png

@sanjay-A Please use google chrome. Our python driver will establish a websocket server, and listen on ws:// And for Safari and Firefox, because of security policy, it will ignore the request of ws protocol if the web site is using https.

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