OpenIMU300ZI connection questions.


I have some doubts about the connection of the OpenIMU300ZI.

I have a st-link / v2 with the following pins:
alt text

On the other hand I have an FT232RL like the following:
alt text

Finally I have an gps module like the following:
alt text

I know you recommend the evaluation kit, but I have these components and I want to take advantage of them to make tests.
Also, for the final install, I'd prefer something smaller than the evaluation kit.

My doubt is the connections I have to make, direct from the OpenIMU300ZI to the components that I have listed before.
I wanted to know if the ones I list below are correct and sufficient.

OpenIMU300ZI - st-link / v2
8 NRST - 1 RST
13 GND - 5 GND
10 VIN 5V - 9 5V

OpenIMU300ZI - FTD232RL
11 VIN 5V - VCC
14 GND - GND
3 TX0 - RX0
4 RX0 - TX0

OpenIMU300ZI - GPS
12 VIN 5V - VCC
15 GND - GND
5 TX1 - RX
6 RX1 - TX

I would have to jumper pin 7 SPI / UART with any GND

Finally, the following pins would be free
OpenIMU300ZI: 1, 2, 9, 17, 19, 20
ST-LINK/V2: 3-DWIN, 6-GND, 7-3.3V, 8-3.3V, 10-5V

I also wanted to know if in this case it is necessary to power from an external source or if the FTD232RL that provides 5V from the computer's USB is sufficient

With all these connections, could I program without problem using the stlink / v2 or the FT232RL and through the ST software or through Visual Studio Code and also connect to

Many thanks!

Best regards!

  1. 300ZI and ST-LINK connection in your side is right, pls refer to below link. download PDF and check the P3 area(but what we used it 20pin ST LINK-v2),
  2. 300ZI and FTD232RL connnection is right too, it is serial connection.
  3. GPS -VCC is VCC_in, which used to let GPS receiver working, so VCC/GND of 300ZI and GPS, should both come from other same external power supply 5V , also PC is ok.
    pin7 connect go GND, then UART working mode it is.
    pin 20 of 300ZI need to reserved, which maybe needed in 20pin ST-LINK used for detect reference vol in ST-LINK. Pin2 is 1pps pin for synchronization, depends on your request.
    sure you can program with our open source code, and pls refer to our on-line manual:
    also we supply some official apps ready for directly uploading.
    I had make short summary in forum about key questions concerned by customers, pls check:
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