IMU381ZA-200 firmware

Dear Aceinna team,
We are using your IMU381ZA-200 module, P/N: 8350-3881-01
Serial Number: 2008700327

Using STM32CubeProgrammer API v2.0.0 on Windows 10, I tried to read the flash memory, with starting address: 0x08000000, Size: 0x800 and save to backup.bin file. Then I flash the module with: OpenIMU300ZI_VG_AHRS_1.1.3.bin to enable the AHRS application. After that, the module does not respond to any command sent through NAV-VIEW3 Windows App.

I think I have overwritten the calibration data and then made the module unusable.
(1) Could you send me the original firmware to work with the NAV-VIEW3 and Aceinna Navigation Studio?

(2) Is the OpenIMU300ZI_VG_AHRS_1.1.3.bin file compatible with the 381ZA module as well?

Thank you and best regards,
Edy Gunawan

hi, Edy
sorry to inform you that your part may need to be back factory for re-calibration, for maybe already broken by your wrong operations.
pls contact with our contact person where you bought it, thanks a lot.

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