E2 packet heading drift when Stopped (NovAtel BESTVEL jitter)


We are using the OPENIMU300Zi (INS APP) with an AG Leader 6500 GPS (that uses a NovAtel main board)

The NovAtel output is highly accurate and repeatable (on the order of 3~5cm, with the TeraStar-C correction).

We are have setup the OpenIMU300Zi to use the NovAtel sentences BESTPOS and BESTVEL (in binary format)

The NovAtel data seems to be processed correctly when we are in motion.

Description of issue

When we are stopped (kph < 0.05), the BESTVEL (trk gnd) and/or(?) BESTPOS position jitter seem to have a significant and negative effect on the accuracy of the heading output of the E2 packet output from the OpenIMU300ZI.

Is there a setting or some code I could update that would mute the input from the GPS when travel is so far below the noise floor?

Could you share with us some data file or plots where this issue occurs? Thank you.

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