changing output_packet data in Z1 packet type using python without evk

I used OpenIMU300RI
I want to plot output data(roll, pitch,etc) instead Magnetic field data in packet type(z1) without evk.
I tried to change the python code provided by the aceinna.
but, I don't know how to change the python code.
I'm a beginner at python. please show me the detail.

The z1 packet won't output roll and pitch unless you modify the source code with Aceinna open source tools.

There is another way for you get the roll and pitch.

Please follow below actions,

  1. Go to App Center to upgrade the application as OpenIMU300RI VG_AHRS 1.0.1
  2. Go back the IMU Monitor page, change the packet type to a1 or a2 in the Popular Options.
  3. Check the Attitude option in Outputs.

Then you can get the roll and pitch plot on the page.

@song-yi-wei thank you so much.

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