Cannot open http://openrtk/

I have connected OpenRTK EVK with my PC by USB and Ethernet cable. And I've set up my Ethernet TCP/IPv4 following the user guide:

When I wanted to open http://openrtk/, I got the message :
How can I fix this problem?

For me, I used "arp -a" command to find the other IP address which is the EVM board and connected via http://that ip address. Even with this method success is not guaranteed. But I think the Ethernet connection is optional, as in actual product one would use either UART or Bluetooth. Correct me if I am wrong.
I cannot figure out how the EVM can put "openrtk" automatically into the /etc/hosts file or DNS record.

First, use python driver to connect OpenRTK EVK, and the connection succeeds as shown below.
Then open the website ( and set OpenRTK Ethnet to static, as shown below.
Finally, open the http://openrtk (or in Google Chrome to access the settings interface.

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