Set faster CAN bitrate for OpenIMU300RI


Hi All,

Just experimenting with the OpenIMU300RI and able to read/write no problem over CAN at the default 250Kb/s. Is it possible to change this bitrate? I don't see it documented in the CAN or UART APIs. Is it even possible if we flash a custom "app".


@joshgc Hi Josh,
There are two tools and four ways to implement your requirements:
1、VIA NAV VIEW:(Use versions 3.1.7 and above)

Method 1 :
Open nav-view, click Configuration, and choose Unit Configuration,微信图片_20210628161114.png
Select Can Parameter, check ECU BaudRate's current value and set Value to set 500kbs. Make sure that the permanent is checked below and click Set Value.微信图片_20210628161559.png

(Note: After setting, the UNIT has changed, but the NAV VIEW has not been updated. If you close the NAV VIEW, open it again, and return to this window interface, you will find that the CURRENT VUALUE has changed.)

Method 2:
Open nav-view, Factory, Fields Settings:

Tick read/Write EEPROM and the address you want to change. Enter 33 in Field, click Get Field to find the current value, enter 0 under Write Field, and click Write Field
(Note: After setting, the UNIT has changed, but the NAV VIEW has not been updated. If you close the NAV VIEW, open it again, and return to this window interface, you will find that the CURRENT VUALUE has changed.)

2、Using Visual Studio Code:

In Aceinna's OpenIMU Platform, select Custom IMU Examples. Check the "OpenIMU300RI /VG-AHRS" box to download.
After download firmware, choose code paths: SRC/user/UserConfiguration. C
Locate the structure: const UserConfigurationStruct gDefaultUserConfig
Modify the structure member. Configure ecuBaudRate to _ECU_500K,

For structure members:.ecuBaudRate, the parameters of eCubaudRate are configured as follows:
Select Run Build Task compile
Method 3 :(Using ST-Link)
Connect to Open300RI using ST-Link as shown in the figure
After compiling, UPLOAD the code after verifying that ST-Link is connected correctly.
Method 4 :(Use UART)
Locate the generated bin file, Ctrl + Click, and locate the file location:
Open choose code upload, bin file generated by the file before,
After uploading, find Private under code /apps
You can download the bin file,now.

I'm also trying to set a higher canbus baudrate on the openimu300RI (P/N: 8350-3309-01) and seem to be having problems connecting to the sensor via UART. I'm using an FTDI USB to RS-232 converter board which I've had success connecting to other UART devices but for some reason Nav View won't detect this sensor. Is there some other step I'm missing here?

@joshgc @bptheincredible Maybe there's something wrong with your wiring harness connection.Please refer to other posts(Home / Product / MTLT305D/ PC cannot detect RS232), or take some photos.We'll check it for you

The problem appears to have been with my usb to rs232 adapter. Switched to a new adapter and have been able to connect via the webserver and nav view. Unfortunately, though, the two Nav View methods for updating the CANbus baudrate are not possible as the "Factory" tab in Nav View doesn't exist on my install (3.5.6 I believe) and when I go to the unit configuration window the CAN setting tab does not have any selectable options. Any thoughts on that? I did get the firmware update method you detailed above to work so this isn't crazy urgent but I'm curious as to what the difference is between my setup and what you've shown in your instructions.

@bptheincredible Can you give me your email address? I can send you a new nav view.(

It's my username

@bptheincredible ,I just emailed you, but it seems to have been rejected

Looks like that link works for being able to adjust the CANbus baudrate. However, it only goes up to 500kb/s. Our CAN networks is on 1Mb/s. The Visual Studio Code method worked fine. But in the future if Nav-View could support changing the baudrate to 1Mb/s that would be fantastic. Thanks for the help.

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