openIMU300za question of hardware

Hello everyone. I am having a OpenIMU300ZA EVK (picture 1.). Now , I want to connect 300ZA with GPS (the line of output as picture 2.).What should I do ? How should I connect them?~8~H%Y0JZ8RAHLPRZO5RMW9.jpg PICTURE 1.

WLWZR_THU@NCSWU9AEW6O)U.jpgU-kyb2i48q.jpg) PICTURE 2.



picture.jpg ![alt text](image url)

@luken Can you tell me where you bought this product

@zrs I didn't buy this product. I just know it was bought by others about two years ago

@luken I'm sorry,we never seen EVK like that.
Below is the EVK we used:

@zrs OK, I found the references and connected them, but I haven't received any valuable data yet

@luken Sorry, your EVK doesn't seem to be our product. If you want to use GPS function, please buy RTK330LA or RTK330LI. The supporting EVK of this product supports GPS function .

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