Cannot Find OpenIMU300RI after changing Baud rate

I am using an OpenIMU300RI for my robotics application.
In an attempt to increase the packet rate, I had changed the baud rate of the IMU to 230400 bps and updated the packet rate 200 hz successfully without any error promtps.
Now when I try to access the IMU on the web interface, the IMU cannot be found by the web server. My ROS PC also cannot connect to the IMU anymore. It is stuck at "Start to find device" prompt.

I was running the VG_AHRS application version 03.01.09 with packet type a2 and connection over RS232 interface.

Any insight on this issue would be of large help.

Hello, have you solved your problem? I used the same firmware and set the BAUd rate of IMU to 230400 and updated the packet rate to 200 Hz on the web page. After powering on and off again, OpenIMU300RI can connect and work normally. As shown below:

Could you please provide more information? For example, product picture, SN number, web display interface picture, etc

Sorry for the late response!
There was an issue with the connector causing the IMU to not be detected. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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