OpenIMU330BI EVK documentation is incorrect

OK. For my needs I have developed a custom PCB similar to your 330BI EVB, with 16 pin connector compatible with the one on the Analog Devices ADIS16475EVB - to be able to use either ADIS or OpenIMU interchangingly. Please see the attached image.


Here is my custom PCB schematics:


So the "small OpenIMU330BI-evb" schematics will answer all of my current questions. Please provide me/others with one in case I'm not alone who develops own custom OpenIMU330BI PCB.

Thank you in advance.

Hello, the pin definition of 330BI EVB can be referred to here:
If you have any further questions, please contact me. My email is

Thank you but I do not need the pinout, I rather need the connections map from the SMD/BGA module to the J2 interface connector (or the OpenIMU330BI EVB schematics).

It's directly connected. There's no circuit diagram in the middle

Several EVB J2 connector pin/signal/net NAMES couldn't be found in the OpenIMU330BI Pin definitions document. Please clarify (pin by pin) - which OpenIMU330BI pin corresponds to every pin of the J2 EVB connector?

Thank you in advance.

Anybody, please?

@Aero Hi,you can refer the pic below of pin by pin from J1 to J2.
330BI pin by pin from J1 to J2.png
Hope this can help you .

Thank you very much George, it's exactly what I needed. I wonder where you've found it and why couldn't I? 🙂

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