Algorithm stops sending any output after a while

Hello everybody,

I am working with the OpenIMU300ZA.

I have the problem that the output user packets as well as the debug messages are stopping after different runtimes.
With the debugger I found out that the program is working in the files COM_buf_get.dbgasm and HandleUcbRx.dbgasm. But I couldn't figure out how it gets there or at least what it is doing there.

Thanks in Advance for your help.


Hi Jonas

Please provide more information: what application you are working on? What are baudrates for user and debug channels, what are packet rates and debug messages rates



I am working on the custom IMU example for INS. All the baudrates are 115200 and the packet rates and debug message rates are 100 Hz. But is stoping at any frequency for packet rates and debug message rate.