OpenIMU300Ri CAN dbc

Hi, I have a openIMU300Ri with the public app OpenIMU300RI - 300ri_firmware_vg_AHRS 03.01.10. I have uploaded that because i need the 500k can baud rate. The problem I have now is that I don't know the meaning of the CAN msgs received. I've downloaded the can .dbc file from the Acceina web (link). The CAN msgs I am receiving are not in it. Photo of what I am receiving:
e65c02d6-ee90-4f9c-b536-c241f638e119-image.png .

How can I configure the IMU to send all the CAN msgs that are in the .dbc? How can I know wich msg is what?

Thanks in advance,

Albert Arlà

@Albert-Arlà-Romero Hi,which software you used, and did you succeed in loading the DBC file? The following is my test .300ri via can.png

HI, thanks for your answer. The problem is that my .dbc file is wrong. Can you send me your .db file? Do you know why in the .dbc that is provided in the official website there are a lot more msgs than the 4 we are receiving?

The program I'm using to check the can bus is kvaser_canking


Albert Arlà

a8a41db1-accc-4c56-ab2e-82d9ab314c2f-OpenIMU300RI to be released_cek_20210220-MAGALING_3.1.8_add swap+unitbhr.dbc
4 msg are normal data msg which are auto-transmitted, other msg are used for set/get commands msg, such as: set orientation msg, set output rate of CAN, or GPS related msg for INS app and other algorithm app.
pls use Hex format to show data, will be better to understanding.
pls load the DBC i attached, then the msg should be decoded automatically by Kvaser_canking.

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