python-openimu vs platformio

I have both of these installed.

OpenIMUMonitor (web app) works with the python-openimu ( but only supports packet types 's1' and 'z1'. This works as expected (web part sees unit, local python runs correctly).

I have the platform installed in the VSCode IDE. All the examples fail with "Native development platform depends on a system gcc. Please install it before and check gcc --version command." I am on a Mac, I have my path configured with /usr/local/bin first, I have brew gcc installed and printing it's version.

I did get find a couple of examples but these seem to support a different set of packets, 'S1' vs 's1' - It's like the platformio part is out of sync with the python-openimu part.

python-openimu is an open source project. You can fork it and modify as you expect. It is suitable for custom development.

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