OpenIMU330BI Debug error

Hello, Aceinna.

Now, we are trying to debug the code on the OpenIMU330BI.

Building the code is success. Because, we used the original code downloaded from the Aceinna's platform IO (imu330).

However, the debugging process stopped, and showed error message as below figure.

<Debug Console>

< Terminal >

Could you let us how to configure this problem?
This is our setup. We used STLINK V2.0

This is the code we used was downloaded via Aceinna Platform IO as below figure.

Hello, Aceinna.

Fortunately, we succeeded in uploading the bin file to the 330bi through the ST Link Utility.

However, one final barrier remains.

I want to receive Roll and Pitch values ​​as well as Acceleration and Gyro from the 330BI. However, there are no roll and pitch values ​​in the z1 packet.

So, I am testing it simply by entering the roll and pitch values ​​into the Mag_x and Max_y values using below code.

BOOL Fill_z1PacketPayload(uint8_t *payload, uint8_t *payloadLen)
uint64_t tstamp;
double accels[NUM_AXIS];
double mags[NUM_AXIS];
double rates[NUM_AXIS];
real EulerAngles[NUM_AXIS];

data1_payload_t *pld = (data1_payload_t *)payload;  

// tstamp = platformGetDacqTimeStamp(); // time stamp of last sensor sample in microseconds from system start
tstamp = platformGetCurrTimeStamp(); // current time stamp in microseconds from system start
// tstamp /= 1000; // convert to miliseconds
// timer = getSystemTime(); // OS timer value (tick defined in FreeRTOSConfig.h)
pld->timer = tstamp;


for (int i = 0; i < NUM_AXIS; i++){
    pld->accel_mpss[i] = (float)accels[i];
    pld->rate_dps[i] = (float)rates[i];
    //pld->mag_G[i] = (float)mags[i];
pld->mag_G[0]    = (float)EulerAngles[ROLL];
pld->mag_G[1]    = (float)EulerAngles[PITCH];
*payloadLen = sizeof(data1_payload_t);
return TRUE;


However, when we get the EulerAngles[ROLL] and EulerAngles[PITCH], those values were zero....................................................
How to get the slope data from the 330BI?????

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