OpenIMU300ZA in SPI mode

Hello. We used the Memsic IMU380ZA modules in SPI mode and now consider to switch to OpenIMU300ZA modules.
This causes several questions.

  1. Is OpenIMU300ZA expected to support the SPI protocol of Memsic IMU380ZA?

  2. Out of the box OpenIMU300ZA doesn't respond to Memsic's SPI commands (pin 7 is configured to enable SPI).
    Is it because the default firmware doesn't support SPI?
    Will rebulding and uploading to device of the IMU example with platformSetUnitCommunicationType(SPI_COMM) solve the issue?

  3. When do you plan to publish the SPI protocol description in the Documentation?
    Currently it merely says "SPI Interface Details - To Be Provided"

SPI interface support for OpenIMU300ZA will be available in next upcoming release.
It will be structured as open framework to be filled by users.
In this framework implementation of few commands/responses will be provided for reference.
SPI protocol description will be published at the same time.

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