I have EVAL-KIT DMU381ZA-400.
I use NAV-VIEW3 and if I set ‘Horizon View’ then I have NO DATA message. how can I enable this function?
What is AHRS381ZA and VG381ZA?

Best regards
Krzysztof Ludwikowski

Hi Krzysztof Ludwikowski,
Glad to see you in the forum. The dmu381 only have IMU output, no eular angle. The ‘Horizon View’ is NO data message, you can not enable this function. AHRS381ZA and VG381ZA are old product.

Thank you for your explanation. I need to measure angles in my application. What can you recommend?

You can use our OpenIMU families. We provide well-tested open-source Kalman-based algorithm of VG (dynamic tilt angle) and AHRS.
Please refer to https://www.aceinna.com/inertial-systems/OpenIMU300ZA

We also have tilt sensor: https://www.aceinna.com/inertial-systems/MTLT305D


I would like o start using the EVAL-KIT DMU381ZA-400 . I am interesting in observing gyro data. Can you suggest the best way to get started ?

@Sanjay-Adkar You could download nav-view, connect EVAL-KIT DMU381 with PC with Micro USB line, and start logging using nav-view. please refer to link

Sure . I just tried nav- view on PC and that works fine . Than you. However we have linux test machines and. would like to use it on Linux , what do you suggest we do fo that ?

in the link, pls download latest ubuntu version program, and then run it with notes in it.

HI is there a way to provide external Power to the EVK and disconnect the power from the USB?

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