Mismatch between documentation and reality for GPS UART using the evaluation kit ?

I found out that the GPS channel is actually "Serial 2", not "Serial 1" as it seems the documentation hints. Is that expected ?

I tried to find out how to change that in the firmware, but I couldn't find how. Could someone help there ?


Serial channels can be arbitrary assigned to specific functionality. Please check next lines in the main.c in INS application example:


BOOL res;
res = platformAssignPortTypeToSerialChannel(USER_SERIAL_PORT, UART_CHANNEL_0);
while(!res){};  // check if valid
res = platformAssignPortTypeToSerialChannel(DEBUG_SERIAL_PORT, UART_CHANNEL_1);
while(!res){};  // check if valid
res = platformAssignPortTypeToSerialChannel(GPS_SERIAL_PORT, UART_CHANNEL_2);
while(!res){};  // check if valid


Thanks. That did the trick. I would suggest moving the GPS to UART_CHANNEL_1, which would make it easier to wire with the user UART, keeping the two pins of CHANNEL_2 for debugging.

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