Unit for output csv data

Hi, what is the unit for output data in csv format? For example, the time unit? the unit of xRate, yRate and z-rate?
time[?] xAccel[?] yAccel zAccel xRate[?] yRate zRate
292560474 0.04487875 -0.05040888 -9.78940868 -0.00439997 -0.05145112 -0.02628978
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The accelerations are in m/s^2 and rates in deg/s

@Steve-Huang For the plant applied FW of IMU, unit of time is: ms, for example, 20ms interval between each packet when your packet output rate is setting 50hz.
if you found mag signal in 300, the unit of magnet is: Gauss
help it useful for you.

We will add units in the headerline of the csv file.
Thanks for your feedback.

@Steve-Huang i think your imu is OpenIMU300, not MTLT305D, right? for 300 and MTLT are different type product.
what we discuss above is under assumption it is openimu300, also for 300 we will update the executable program(EXE/DEB) and code in end of this month with feature as below:

Very helpful!

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