MTLT305D Connected to CANedge2 data loggers


Here some photos to show that they working, but issue right at the moment is maybe how to configure the sensor using NAV-View. I am sending this query while I am trying to configure it from the user manual availble. Appreciate if somebody can guide us and that will be more faster that me reading everthing here.

  1. Photo 1 - showing the graphical diagram.
    Photo 1.jpg
  2. Photo 2 - showing the connection set-up.
    Photoo 2.jpg
  3. Photo 3 - showing the power provided to both units.
    Photo 3.jpg
  4. Photo 4 - showing the connection to the PC.
    Photo 4.jpg
  5. Photo 5 - showing that the data logger is receiving the power.
    Photo 5.jpg
  6. Photo 6 - showing the sensor is working.
    Photo 6.jpg
  7. Photo 7 - showing the USB with the lights on.

I have already speak to the data logger supplier and they told me to speak to you guys on how to configure the sensor in order to capture the data from the sensor to the data loggers. They will be two sensors in one data logger to maximum the use of it.

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@JimmyEG thanks for so clearly description, my comments as below:

  • Status and direction: NAV-VIEW connection and working well indicate that sensor is well and CAN messages is transmitting automatically. Next step is try to let CANedge2 detect it and received the CAN messages. Right CAN default configuration in NAV-VIEW: no need to change it generally.

  • CAN connection: recommend to add 120Ω between CAN_H and CAN_L, red "here" in below pic

  • CAN configuration in SW side of CANedge2: in our side, software CANTest is used, the baud rate is 250k, device is 0, channel is 0, the corresponding instrument in my hand is:
    SW configuration in CANTest: will receive the message in CANTest after start.

Hope it useful for you, wait your feed back.

Hello Cek,

Thanks, we still preparing things and we will com back to you once we run the test as per your advice. Just one more question this CAN tester is use in the place of the CANedge2 data logger?


this CAN tester i used is connect PC by USB, and can operate by your request(reading or recording), i am not familiar with CANedge2, but similar function of CAN testers generally.

Dear Cek,
Our sensor is working to PC very well without putting that 120 resistance and CANedge is working in the sence that it was given power to the USB connected into channel2. My issue really is how to communicate sensor to the CANedge2 or say talk to each other. Is there any BAUD rate to change to match?


Dear Cek,

Here is the question from data logger supplier, maybe you can provide the answer to his question.

"If the CANedge2 is correctly connected to the Gyro CAN H/L - and the Gyro is broadcasting valid CAN data - then the CANedge2 will be able to log it. If the gyro utilizes a non-standard bit rate to broadcast the CAN data, this can be set in the CANedge2 configuration under the CAN_1 and CAN_2 sections. However, I think it would be simpler to first check if the Gyro is able to broadcast CAN data at a standard rate like 250k."

Can you understand what he is asking.

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@JimmyEG in the sentence ""If the CANedge2 is correctly connected to the Gyro CAN H/L - and the Gyro is broadcasting valid CAN data - ..... However, I think it would be simpler to first check if the Gyro is able to broadcast CAN data at a standard rate like 250k."", "correctly connected" means cable connection is right and our MTLT305D is 250k and each one is tested during production under 250k.
During experience of lots of customer supporting, the root cause is always the connection is not right in cable(connection problem not well, 120 not inside, ....) and CAN testing tool configurations(250k, extend-ID, device selection and port selection is right) not well.

  1. generally, 120 resistor is needed(especially only 2 nodes in CAN network). in CANedge2 manual also mentioned how to connect the resistor in manual link: next step need to confirm how to enable it by jumper mentioned in below pic to confirm "correctly connected"
    b55a0eb2-9ae0-4c2a-932a-0b51b252b255-image.png 493e3045-4f74-4207-bdbc-a30b6a42b051-image.png 24f4ec68-8cba-4e6b-a428-1131e98182e9-image.png
  2. In our side, 120 resistor is needed(only 2 nodes: sensor and CANalyst tool), or CAN messages can not be detected, CAN network exist problem.
  3. CSS also have the DB9 converter with 120 resistor integrated, it is also another way to confirm "correctly connected "
    Sorry to hear you are still having trouble connecting and working, hope useful by above action, wait your feed back.

The DB9 converter with 120 resistor integrated: link text

Hello...its cool to undertsand that the data logger must be associated with the force flexibly and the CECS (Configuration, Evaluation, and Communication System) subsystem of the information lumberjack must be turned on (physically or as per the arranged timetable). The online periods can helpfully arranged in menu Communication-Schedule of the Meteo-40 web interface. To turn on CECS physically, press the center catch on the information lumberjack.

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