Not able to Upload firmware to OpenIMU300Za

I am trying to upload firmware to OpenIMUZa using EVK.

have connected STlink debugger to OpenIMU300ZI EVK and tried to upload firmware in Visual studio code in ubuntu PC.
Am getting below error. could you please help on this.

Error: libusb_open() failed with LIBUSB_ERROR_ACCESS
Error: open failed
in procedure 'program'
** OpenOCD init failed **
shutdown command invoked
*** [upload] Error 1

Hi @dilip_msec ,
For Ubuntu machine, please follow "ST-LINK Install for Ubuntu" part on to install libusb and Stlink Tools firstly.

This post is deleted!

hi @ysong ,
Thanks for your support! Am able to upload firmware.
am able to run server and connect to Aceinna studio and get data in .csv file.

  1. But when i directly connect to console and check data in coolterm ,data is not in readable format . any configuration to be set for that?
    Data look as below:
    <˜­.¼.¿¤~Æ>›Œœ<™&Z¾Ž..?eå>YˆF¾. ñAÙjUUs14†q!.....€.¡@.§ƒ<H..¼Ñµ¿Óò«>®Ÿe½K£Œ¾¥..?Ò7>«TF¾. ñA£áUUs14êq!.3333³.¡@ÄM“<hu.¼-ˁ¿±óÊ>Ž%‰=j䐾.>.?.r>ljF¾. ñAï8UUs14Nr!.gfffæ.¡@Ðì„<¨ž&¼ï„¿É@Ï>.K,¼—.|¾º..?4.>5ûE¾. ñA¨‰UUs14²r!.š™™™. ¡@È.<Àd.¼.¿©žÛ>!‹q½.d¾ã..?q«>ƒjF¾. ñA©'UUs14.s!.ÍÌÌÌL ¡@àæ€<(¬.¼.ρ¿!ö½>..­<äKy¾‹..?.‚.>c4F¾. ñAëÊUUs14zs!.....€ ¡@$å†<àà.¼s±¿ºªÕ>ܵà<,.Ÿ¾¡Ã.?¿Û.>ÑzF¾. ñA6¬UUs14Þs!.3333³ ¡@ì{‡<ˆø¼Mn¿0.´>eêÙ¼|¬‹¾bå.?¾î>. F¾. ñAXßUUs14Bt!.gfffæ ¡@.›Ž<ðÞ1¼.¡¿QÏÃ>aW(¼h呾×Ï.?...>ÏFF¾. ñAïUUs14¦t!.š™™™.!¡@”€<ˆ].¼H¯¿ÝÎ>Œ.¶¼_]‡¾ïô.?z?>ÔF¾. ñAÊ¥UUs14u!.ÍÌÌÌL!¡@ ><@ä ¼”¿žXå>œ.l¼AM€¾¸î.?&.>nbF¾. ñAÕYUUs14nu!.....€!¡@.$Œ<àæ.¼ö˜¿¥Zè>…±.½ðü[¾“í.?.á>rXF¾. ñA®~

  2. How do we set sampling rate of output data? we need at 10hz.

  3. We need to integrate IMU on ROS . Do Aceinna support with ROS package for the same or any support to integrate with ROS.

Hi @dilip_msec,

  1. OpenIMU series of products are parts of opened platform, we recommend user to develop self-defined applications and algorithms, as well as messages. Here is a sample "" of how to construct “s1” package which you have received with coolterm, you can find how to parse s1 message on this webpage.

  2. On this webpage you also can find how to set "userPacketRate" to 10Hz.
    If you don't want to modify source code, you can change it to 10 Hz on ANS

  3. We don't have OpenIMU300Za ROS driver, so I think you need to write code to receive and parse OpenIMU300Za data via serial port or SPI, and package data to sensor_msgs/Imu Message format, then use it in your system.

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