GPS Values From INS app appear quantized

I recently set up an INS system using the openIMU300za and upon initial testing noticed the GPS values appear quantized to fixed ~1.5 meter increments.
Is this an expected result of an algorithm running on the unit and something I can turn off?


Zoomed in...

Andrey Bondarev's answer fixed the rounding of GPS points. The device works as expected now

OpenIMU300ZI INS 1.1.0

Which firmware version you are testing, the INS appliaction?

As a workaroung please change line 350 in the file lib\Core\UARTComm\CommonMessages.c to next:
pld->pos[i] = dData[i];
This will be fixed in next release
Also binary image with this fix will be published on aceinna developers website.

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